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“Alex listened to my needs. His services were very prompt and professional.”

Wayne A.

“After my divorce and job loss, I needed a fresh start. I had tons of credit card debt and mortgage debt. When I first met with Alex, I was surprised by how friendly he was. He didn’t sound like a “lawyer”, just somebody who took the time to listen to my needs and give me great advice. Now I’m out of bankruptcy. The phone calls from creditors have stopped, my debts are gone, and most importantly, I’ve gotten that fresh start.”

Dan C.

“I didn’t know if I could do anything about my taxes by filing for bankruptcy. But thanks to Alex’s help, I reduced my IRS and Pennsylvania taxes in half and can repay the rest over a reasonable period of time.”

Lauren A.

“It was the warmth and sympathy that came across during our initial meeting. Alex was always professional, but I felt that he really cared about getting the 900 pound debt gorilla off my back. I can’t thank him enough.”

Lizzy N.

“I was in credit card hell. Alex got the credit card companies to reduce my credit card debts by 60% and I didn’t have to file for bankruptcy. This was important because my husband and I wanted to refinance our mortgage, which meant that I couldn’t file for bankruptcy.”

Sam D.

“Alex prepared our wills and financial and medical powers of attorney quickly and professionally. It helped with peace of mind knowing that we have these documents. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to do the same.”

Pete D.

“When I came to Alex’s office, I had nearly $1 Million in personal and business debt. Alex helped guide me through the bankruptcy process, kept me informed throughout and ultimately, got all of my debt discharged. Most of all, thanks to Alex, I got to keep my house.”

Rick M.