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Small Business Law

Philadelphia, Bucks County and Montgomery County Small Business Attorney

Your business may not have hundreds of employees or generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue, but the legal challenges remain the same and might even threaten the existence of your business. Whether it’s a purchase, sale, lease agreement , incorporation, dissolution, or anything in between, owners of small businesses need a knowledgeable, experienced attorney who will take your legal issues seriously, educating you along the way, showing you the respect and providing the personal service you deserve.


It’s far less expensive in time, energy and money for a small business to avoid or at least reduce the exposures they face due to legal issues. A key role of a small business attorney is to educate clients about today’s legal landscape and the potential threats created by federal, state and local laws in addition to potential lawsuits filed by government entities, other businesses or individuals.
Once a client knows what he or she is facing and understands the outstanding challenges, he or she can prioritize what needs to be done to protect the business. We can then do what needs to be done, whether that’s the creation of a business entity, filing of required permits, or recommending that the right kinds of insurance are purchased.


Moretsky Law is a small practice and we understand the stresses our clients face in their professional and personal lives. We want our clients to focus on making their businesses successful, not on putting out legal fires that could substantially harm or force the closure of their company.


The reality is those legal challenges sometimes arise, despite our best efforts and those of our clients to prevent them.


1. Government entities may become very aggressive with enforcement.
2. Another business you’ve contracted with may try to take advantage of your good will.
3. An individual may think a lawsuit against you may result in a pay day.


We are ready, willing and able to aggressively defend your interests when legal push comes to shove.


1. We can challenge government actions within agencies and in court.
2. Lawsuits filed by other parties against you can be effectively defended. If your business needs to protect itself through pursuit of a legal action, we can also file legal actions and make sure your interests are defended. We can work with you when you need to deal with government agencies, litigation, appeals and arbitrations.
3. Most civil lawsuits aren’t resolved through a trial – they settle. We can also skillfully represent you through negotiations or mediations where a neutral third party helps both sides reach an agreement they can both live with.


Moretsky Law understands owners of small businesses. We’ve been representing them for almost two decades. We know not only the law and legal issues but the practical challenges that come with owning and running a business. Legal solutions that severely limit or prevent you from running your business aren’t an option. We work with our clients so they can get the most out of their businesses and their personal lives. Moretsky Law understands that our relationships with our clients are based on trust which needs to be earned every day.

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