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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Many people often think “estate planning is only for wealthy people” or “I don’t have enough assets to worry about how they should be distributed after my death.” While it’s true that wealthy individuals and families require complex estate planning, you probably have an estate, regardless of your financial situation. Shouldn’t you be the one to decide what happens to it?

If something happens to you, your property will go somewhere. And without a plan, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will decide where your property goes. So if you prefer to decide how your property is to be distributed, it’s best to have an estate plan in place.

Do you have a spouse?
Do you have children?
Do you have grandchildren?
Do you have children with special needs?
Do you own a business?
Do you care about who receives your property?
Do you want to ensure that your wishes about life-prolonging medical treatment and funeral expenses are honored?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you need an estate plan.

I provide basic estate planning documents – wills, powers of attorney and healthcare directives/living wills.

In addition, I help those individuals who wish to plan business succession and inheritance issues that involve more complex trust instruments.

For a more detailed look at how Moretsky Law can assist you with your estate planning needs, please review the specific estate planning tools on our website.

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